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Our first spring on this farm has arrived. A spring full of flowers, colours, scents, tadpoles, mosquitos, birds song, mosquitos, blooming trees, whistling frogs, loud voiced toads and rain, rain, mosquitos, some sunshine and then rain again. I wished nature wouldn’t be in such a hurry. I wished the grass didn’t grow so hastily, the weeds wouldn’t  overwhelm the vegetable patch almost over night and  the wind wouldn’t blow off the flower petals of the apple trees in such a fury.  I was lucky to have taken pictures of apple trees in full bloom. Will do now my best with pruning, cleaning and treating them with Biowash to rejuvenate them.


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For the love of greens and flowers…  As Canadian winters are long and mostly white outside, I always kept leafy and flowering plants to enliven rooms and window sills. One of my favorites and rare to find is Hoya. I used to have one in a sunny window until I found out they don’t like full sun. Later I ordered six different ones online… they came very small with about 2 to 3 leaves each and took about a year to think about the business of sprouting the one or the other additional leave… now after two years they are speeding up growing and  climbing and some already started to bloom hesitantly.  The kitchen in our  farm has cathedral ceiling and beams across and when we moved in, surprise, surprise, there was a huge old Hoya climbing and blooming, next to some leafy climbers and a plant, that does it’s best to reach from the floor up to the ceiling and requests its space where in nowadays kitchens would be the island… In awe I counted the Hoya flowers, 16 in the beginning… the smell in the evenings is indescribable with an almost narcotic sweetness. 

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All natural and fresh farm products…

so far we enjoy them ourselves and are giving away the surplus.

Right now we have an abundance of eggs from organically fed chicken.

I have started collecting dandelion leaves for salads. Very healthy and the young leaves taste wonderful. Later, as soon as they are in bloom, I will pick the flower heads to make dandelion wine!

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Kaiserschmarrn with Apples  (this is basically a pancake in pieces)

I mix flour, a bit salt, and 5 to 7 of eggs with my hand mixer, then add lots of already finely sliced apples (the yellow ones seem to have finer peels and don’t need to be peeled) and spoon them under the dough. In a frying pan I poor a half inch layer of the mix, fry on one side, then turn and while the other side fries I start to divide the pancake into apr. 1 inch size pieces. Then scoop the pieces onto a large plate and pour maple syrup or sprinkle brown sugar or sugar/cinnamon on top. The next patch of pancake, when baked comes on top of the first with another layer of sweetening. And so on until all is done.

To be eaten hot or warm. With coffee or tea.

Pumpkin Soup

The pumpkin soup is created with all fresh ingredients. I cut the pumpkin in pieces (without the peel of course) cook them together with onion, garlic, ginger and some apples for sweetness of taste in chicken or vegetable broth until tender. I add salt to taste, nutmeg, curry powder and turmeric (very healthy, gives a great yellow colour, but take care for white table cloths or clothing… stains of yellow colour are hard to wash out!) The soup gets pureed in the blender and served. Topped with a doll up of sour cream and sprinkled with parsley or chives or both… mouthwatering!

I usually make large portions which store well. I also have bags full of pumpkin cubes in my freezer, ready to use.

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The farm came with two dogs (package deal!). Those 2 exploded unexpectedly overnight into 14. We dealt with them with lots of bags of puppy food! ($$$!) Now we shrunk them back to a total of four dogs.

Seven layer hens arrived in fall, started egg production very soon and haven’t stopped since.

We received two pregnant East Freesian milk sheep in December 2010,four lambs were born in March 2011.

A herd of Angus beef cattle will arrive soon.

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One of our many dreams: a place to place sculptures…….

The land behind our house towards the north, friendly meadows with ponds, some ancient apple trees, cedar groves, stone filled hedges with huge linden and some impressive pine trees seems to lend itself to dream a park into reality.

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Farm news

Ladybugs, supposed to bring good luck, are crawling all around me on the laptop, over the screen, on my pencil, they are all over the place, we have to e cover our cups to hinder them from drowning… so much luck, so much good luck with us here all around! (Not so lucky the one who bites on a ladybug… it’s the bitterest bitterness ever!

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