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The Fox had a Meal

The long anticipated year 2012 has begun. With temperatures that remind of an early spring with ice and rain, hardly any snow.

I just bought three beautiful and sweet ducks from Sue – Silver Appleyards – a rare breed. I had them move in with the tree black Ameraucana chicken. They quake quake quaked joyfully for 2 or 3 days and veryone was happy.

The dogs had this habit of barking every evening as soon as is became dark until early morning since many weeks already … It hadn’t been like this the winter before. A bad habit, or was there something? There surely was: last evening the dogs barked and the ducks quaked … we went outside, it was pitch dark one duck was ¬†somewhere outside, but instead of coming back, we heard it leaving further and further away.

Must have been a fox I was told, they take their prey alive. The male duck gone, the two females were standing around in silence today all day, waiting somehow. This evening no dog’s barking… obviously that beast had eaten enough for another night and obviously that beast had been luring around the house all fall already.


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