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This farm-year has passed in a hurry…. lots of events,less good ones, better ones and really good ones.

After one year of living on this farm I know, that we have some abundance: lots of stones… lots of so called weeds… lots of wild apple trees with good apples (for juice and jelly!)…lots of cedar wood to be ‘harvested’ (for building fences and sheds)… lots of potential (for hay, and animals grazing)… and looooots of work…

Left over from this year’s harvest are: jars with apple jelly, grape jelly,  apple sauce, bottles with dandelion wine and hawthorn wine, dried herbs, pesto in ice cubes, baskets full of potatoes, red, purple and white, a big basket with garlic, baskets full of butternut pumpkins, and red and white cabbage… and, oh yeah, there is a lamb in the freezer (we still need to decide if we’ll eat our own animals, or if we better become vegetarians again…)

And there are lots of pictures I have taken!


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Garlic Harvest

We  have harvested plenty of garlic. Piet loosened them up from the ground with a fork I pulled them out and to get rid of the earth I banged them together until most of the earth came of. Later I read that you have to treat garlic like raw eggs, otherwise their toes get bruised … Well, too late, let’s see how bad they get. We took pictures, trimmed their roots, hung them up for their two weeks curing and soon we’ll take them down for storing.

Lesson to learn: don’t bang garlic!

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All natural and fresh farm products…

so far we enjoy them ourselves and are giving away the surplus.

Right now we have an abundance of eggs from organically fed chicken.

I have started collecting dandelion leaves for salads. Very healthy and the young leaves taste wonderful. Later, as soon as they are in bloom, I will pick the flower heads to make dandelion wine!

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