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Apple Jelly

Apple Jelly

Collect the unripe green fallen apples from the garden.

Wash them, cut out damaged parts, flowers and stem and cut them into small pieces including the core.

Fill large pot to ¾ with cut apples, cover with water and boil shortly until apples become soft but not jet mush. Let it stand about 12 hours, then fill into a strainer/cloth to separate the liquid from the apples. Fill the apple-water back into the pot and hang the cloth above it until it stops dropping.

Add spices (some fresh mint leaves or a cinnamon stick or pieces of finely chopped ginger or red rose petals) reheat the apple-water and let simmer until about half of it has evaporated.

Then take out the spices except ginger or rose petals and add sugar (about half or up to ¾ sugar to 1part water and let simmer until the liquid is of a more intense color and a drop of it put on a plate, becomes jelly.

Fill boiling hot into sterile marmalade glasses, close tight, turn them upside down for ten minutes, then turn upright again, cover with a towel to cool down slowly.

Label and be proud!

Lesson to learn: Enjoy the process as much as the result!


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